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Donate now to help break the cycle of homelessness

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Hope and Healing Start With You

When you donate to Wings, you help individuals and families on their path out of homelessness and into healing. Without Wings, too many of our neighbors would be sleeping on the floor in empty houses.

"I support Wings because I believe this nonprofit is doing a splendid job of providing support to those who are moving to more secure housing." - M.A., Donor

"As we all know, simply providing an apartment or a room for a person experiencing homelessness isn’t enough; there is an absolute need for follow-up supportive services so that those who are housed not only get help with basic furniture, toiletries, kitchenware, etc.—but also assistance acquiring an ID card or birth certificate, etc. Such supportive services are crucial to making housing really work on a sustained basis, and no nonprofit does it better than Wings."
~Rowland Rebele, Donor

You can make a difference and give a good night's sleep today! Thank you for your commitment to compassion and dignity for all. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of our clients, not just today, but for a lifetime.